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  • Admiral Woods

Who the hell is Admiral Woods?

Just some guy.

With some thoughts.

About life.

About the world.

About business, mostly.

A long time ago I worked my first job as a golf caddy at a local country club. And I couldn't go a single round without hearing, "Hey, there he goes. Good morning, Admiral!"

And they'd all salute and laugh as this elderly gentleman on the next hole would putter by on his cart on the next fairway over, always seemingly puzzled when he looked over.

One day I asked why they called him that. Was he a decorated veteran? Did he command a ship? Why did he seem so confused, if not a little annoyed, every time they called out to him?

"About a year ago he drove his cart into the pond. He's been doing it every other month since! The guy shouldn't be driving. He shouldn't be out on the course on a Saturday when the course is busy. Neither should a LOT of the other older guys."

Mockery. Of course. I should have paid more attention to my surroundings.

Thing is: there's probably some truth to the riskiness of driving a cart on one's own after a certain age. And the admiral had clearly shown stepped (driven?) right into one on multiple occasions.

But there's a certain lack of self-awareness and empathy to ignore that any of us could stubbornly put ourselves in the same position down the road. Mockery is almost inviting our own misfortune later. Lord knows I've arrogantly driven into some metaphorical ponds...sometimes I still do.

And the arrogance of the guys above spoke to how they generally operated in their professions and personal lives. I often wonder how effective they were. Did anyone even LIKE them? I mean anyone except their families and each other? Who knows? It was a broad judgment to make...but I've seen so much arrogance and ineffectiveness over the own included. The professional world is full of leaders like those.

So...who the hell is Admiral Woods?

Just a guy.

With some thoughts.

Trying to connect some disparate dots.

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